Find out how your backwords 1800s technology gas car compares to a Model 3

Updated 1:10 PM 10 Oct 2020

Tesla is not yet in India.

Standard Range Plus Model 3 taken: (159,900 AED 37,990 USD).

Stardard Range taken for India as Tesla is expected to introduce that first (2,500,000 Rupees).

Shanghai Gigafactory has started production and prices may drop this year.

Gigafactory 4 in Berlin is being made. Electricity prices might fall to 11 Fils in the UAE as a new solar plant opens.

Price of fuel may increase due to recent attacks on the world's oil supply

Tesla prices will go up significantly as value as a RoboTaxi increases as soon as Full Self Driving is achieved

Official Tesla Model 3 Design Website

I live in
Please give all costs in Dirhams(AED)

Full Self Driving (Autopilot is already included).
This option lets you earn money from other people as your car can become a taxi whenever you want. This option fights depreciation as a car becomes an investment. Tesla says they will have achieved full self driving later this year and the price of this option will go up

Mileage in km per liter

Cost of gas per liter

Initial cost of car

Maintanence costs per year

Cost of electricity per kWH

Distance travelled per day on average in km

Number of years you plan to use it for

Additional costs for the Tesla (Optional)
For example, you can add the cost of painting the Tesla red. Click to see the options online.

Number of Dubai Taxi trips per month (Optional)

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